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High quality standards with raw materials from a sustainable source.

We have been advocating this for many decades: Our coasters are high-quality products made from natural raw materials. They are manufactured from coaster cardboard made from pure wood pulp. They are produced in our own group of companies at Svanskog Bruk AB in Sweden. The cardboard core in particular consists of thinnings without the addition of standing timber. The thinnings are produced as part of sustainable forest management. The cardboard materials are individually refined with wood pulp and pulp bleached by oxygen depending on type and quality. The complete extraction of raw materials and their production have been documented by Svanskog Bruk AB as part of its FSC® certification (Certificate No.: BV-COC-009410; License No.: FSC-C106630) since 2011.

Quality achieved by state-of-the-art production technology.

We have made considerable investments in the permanent modernization of our production technology in the past years. We therefore have technically modern machinery and highly motivated and experienced employees at our disposal. With a completely integrated production process, we can even fulfil the most individual customer wishes. Our long-year experience and high standards of quality are your guarantees.